Andrea Borges. I love The Beatles, Rolling Stone and Nirvana. Remember Hakuna Matata
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Hey all! I’ve been blown away by the response to the Parrot Wing I posted early last month. So I thought I’d give a break down with some of my in-progress photos (and a reference photo of the specimen). Early apologies as most the photos were taken from my iphone and are at horrible angles.

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Venezuela’s Surreal Prices

Venezuela’s economic crisis has led to some shocking and surreal price distortions that hit people’s buying power dramatically. While the government of President Nicolas Maduro calls the country’s minimum wage of Bs. 4,252 the highest in the region when converted to $675 using the official exchange rate, the galloping black market for currency considers it as just $42.50 when converted at the street rate of Bs. 100 per US dollar, the rate which many importers and retail outlets must use to acquire hard currency. Venezuela’s annual inflation rate of more than 63 percent is the highest in the Americas, according to official statistics. (text from Zero Hedge)